Face Masks Now Required in Most of the Bay Area

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A new health order requiring everyone to wear a mask in public went into effect Wednesday in six Bay Area counties and those not following the rules could face legal consequences.

“It’s like surreal, it doesn’t feel real,” said shopper Stefanie Phillips.

Contra Costa county health officials say the order requires businesses to put up signage and refuse entry and service to anyone who doesn’t have their face covered. 

“This is a fundamental change in our lifestyle,” said Contra Costa County Health Officer Dr. Rohan Radhakrishna. “It’s not a sprint it’s not even a marathon it’s an ultra marathon that’s going to last months, seasons maybe even into next year.”

Masks are also required on BART and BART police are out reminding riders. 

“You heard the motto, no shirt no shoes no service you can add to that no shirt no shoes no mask or face covering no service,” said Radhakrishna.

A Target in Concord was asking folks to wear a mask but still allowed them inside to shop.

Once they noticed NBC Bay Area cameras watching them, they began to turn unmasked shoppers away, including Adolpho Navarro.

“I’m aware I’m just low on funds and so I have not been able to get a mask and they’ve been all sold out,” he said. 

Navarro went back to his car and found a shirt he fashioned into a face covering making him good to go. Most say it’ll take getting used to but they’ll comply. 

“Safety first,” said Phillips. “We want to make sure we’re safe and protecting ourselves and everyone else while we’re doing it.”

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