Face-to-Face at Facebook's F8

Getting social at developer's conference

External developers and entrepreneurs will come a face-to-face Wednesday in San Francisco for Facebook's F8 Conference.

A lot of new developments are expected to come from the meeting of the minds. Some of the major announcements from the king of the social networking world could include improvements to Facebook Connect, the system that interacts with outside Web sites.

Details on the new "universal 'like'" button are likely to be discusussed and a toolbar partnership with third-party publishers could also be part of today's news.

Here's what the folks at CNET expect from F8

Though the company's formal libretto of announcements has yet to be released, all signs point to F8 2010 as a place where Facebook will chart its next great land grab, asserting its impending dominance over online niches the company does not yet control. There may be an announcement about geolocation, the GPS-fueled craze that's currently owned by start-up Foursquare. There will likely be more news about "Credits," Facebook's gaming-focused virtual currency system.

There is expected to be further detail about the "universal 'like' button" or toolbar that Facebook plans to release to third-party publishers, and probably more about "Community Pages," a curious new feature that Facebook announced earlier this week.

Company CEO Mark Zuckerberg will deliver the keynote. Facebook users can watch the speech live and interact online via a stream provided on their  Facebook Connect page. Imagine that!

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