Facebook Shuttle Drivers Sign Contract

Facebook shuttle drivers voted for a new union contract promising more pay and benefits for driving around the social network's employees.

The drivers voted Saturday for the new contract which will raise pay from $18 to $24.50 an hour, more benefits and will , according to the Wall Street Journal. Loop Transportation is the contractor for drivers, and a spokesman said the union contract  which the company negotiated with the Teamsters Local 853 hasn't been finalized. 

Drivers from other tech company such as Apple, Yahoo and eBay are also expected to vote on being represented by the Teamsters.  A Teamsters spokesman Rome Aloise said the Loop Transportation contract, raises average pay from about $18 an hour to about $24.50, what he said should be the new pay rate for Silicon Valley shuttle drivers.

Despite the $24.50 hourly wage, the median income for lower-skilled workers in Silicon Valley is about $27,000 a year while high-tech workers average about $119,000 a year. If the new union contracts continue to raise wages for drivers, it could mean less pay inequity for non-tech workers.

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