Facebook Shuts Down Breakup Notifier

Those trying to download Breakup Notifier to see who's suddenly single on Facebook may find it's not working -- that's because Facebook has shut down the application.

Breakup Notifier, a new Facebook app created by Dan Loewenherz, to keep track of  crushes as they become single and attracted more than 100,000 users in only 24 hours.

Loewenherz, a computer programmer based in Beverly Hills, Calif., said he created it mostly as a joke and gave the app to a few friends on Facebook when it suddenly "exploded" overnight.

But after being downloaded 3.6 million times, Facebook blocked the app early Wednesday, according to  Breakup Notifier's Twitter account.

Loewenherz told TechCrunch that Facebook had sent him an e-mail that said the social network was concerned about the API and was investigating the app.

"We have automated systems in place to ensure apps on Facebook Platform provide a positive user experience, and we’re currently looking into the issue with 'Breakup Notifier,'" Facebook said in an e-mail.

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