Facebook Causes Divorce

A lot of married people -- about 80 percent in the process of a divorce -- are using a social network such as Facebook to cheat, says a survey of divorce attorneys.

Although the divorce attorneys agreed Facebook is cited in 20 percent of all divorces, about 80 percent are using some kind of social media to make assignations or communicate with lovers, the New York Daily News reported. At least one Florida lawyer says those numbers are low and actually closer to about 90 percent.

"There are times when my paralegal and I sit in this office and laugh because people are stupid. They put things out there on the Internet that can last forever," St. Petersburg, Fla. attorney Carin Constantine told WTSP.

Constantine has no problem finding incriminating photos for her clients by using Google Images to search the names of divorcees -- which can show up even in deactivated Facebook accounts. 

 "The problem is, if you've got 400 friends, I assure you one of those friends [doesn't] have all the privacy settings correct," she said.

We all know that Facebook can get you fired or in trouble with the law, but now it can easily cost you in a divorce settlement. Use your privacy settings wisely and don't post photos that you don't want everyone, including your husband or wife, to see.

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