Facebook Co-Founder Says Zuckerberg ‘Not Accountable,' Calls for Government to Break It Up

Chris Hughes said only the government can fix Facebook

The Harvard roommate of Mark Zuckerberg who co-founded Facebook is calling for the U.S. government to break up the company in a New York Times op-ed, telling NBC News that it's too big and that Zuckerberg isn't accountable.

Facebook today "is far too big. It's far too powerful. And most importantly, its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is not accountable," Chris Hughes said in an interview set to air on NBC Nightly News Thursday, after the publication of his Times piece.

Hughes still calls Zuckerberg a friend, but said that he can't fix the company, "only government can — by making the market more competitive, by breaking it up, and by creating these privacy restrictions."

Politicians in Washington have increasingly called for regulation of Facebook after the leaks of user information and Russians spreading misinformation on the platform to undermine democracy.

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