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Facebook and Chill? Social Network Bringing Original TV Series, Comedies to You

Facebook may soon be joining the ranks of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and YouTube. The social media giant confirmed to NBC Bay Area Monday that it is gearing up to bring its own shows and programming to its audience. And the initial bill could be huge.

The company is reportedly willing to spend up to $3 million per episode to bring original content to your feed, according to the Wall Street Journal.

"We're funding these shows directly now, but over time we want to help lots of creators make videos funded through revenue sharing products like Ad Break," said Nick Grudin, the vice president of media partnerships. 

Similar to other companies, Facebook is eyeing the share of shifting advertisement dollars as a result of falling cable TV subscriptions.

YouTube says its mobile platform alone has a larger audience than cable television network in the United States and continues to attract new content creators daily.

"We're supporting a small group of partners and creators as they experiment with the kinds of shows you can build a community around — from sports to comedy to reality to gaming," Grudin said.

However, it is reportedly steering clear from politics or news.

A source speaking to the Wall Street Journal said the content is being customized for a 13 to 34-year-old audience and isn't looking at videos featuring politics, news, nudity and rough language.

"Our goal is to make Facebook a place where people can come together around video," Grudin said.

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