Facebook Doesn't Friend Robert Gibbs: Report

Robert Gibbs is still looking for a new job.

The former White House spokesman was reportedly being courted by Palo Alto-based social-networking site Facebook last month.

Gibbs was reportedly in conversation to join the company in "a senior role" to help manage the company's communications before a 2012 initial public offering.

Having answered questions with an economic crisis, two wars and sinking popularity numbers for his former employer, the president, handling Facebook's PR hits would have been easy for Gibbs.

Instead the New York Post is reporting that Gibbs didn't make friends with everyone at Facebook.

"Some people liked him, some people liked him a lot and others didn't," an anonymous source told Page Six. "It wouldn't be fair to say the date was great, but it wouldn't be fair to say the date was terrible. There was no marriage proposal."

For his part, Gibbs is refusing to comment.

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