Zuckerberg, Page on Time's Most Influential List

Wael Ghonim may not have fulfilled his dream of meeting Mark Zuckerberg yet but the face of the Egyptian revolution is now officially forever immortalized with him.

The Google executive who became the voice of Egypt's youth as they tried to overthrow the government of Hosni Mubarak has been named as Time Magazine's 100 most influential people in the world, along with the CEO of Facebook.

Ghonim, who is in the Bay Area through the weekend, and Zuckerberg are two of the more notable techies to make the Time's list, which also includes President Barack Obama, Dilma Rousseff, Tom Ford and Blake Lively.

The only other notable face familiar to Silicon Valley to be featured on the list is Google co-founder Larry Page, who recently took back control of the company as its CEO.

In just a few short weeks back as the face of Google, Page has managed to upset investors, shake up the hierarchy of Google and have some calling for the company to break itself off into micro-companies.

Zuckerberg's name joining the list needed no further explanation that what the young CEO was doing on Wednesday: He was hosting Mr. Obama for a virtual town hall meeting from his company's headquarters.

From overthrowing governments to launching the re-election campaigns of established leaders, Facebook has established itself as one of tech's biggest players and perhaps the reason Page re-assumed control of his company and why he is taking so much flak as he issued an edict for his company to go the way of Facebook and go social.

To view the complete list of the most influential people visit Time.com.

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