Worried About What Facebook Knows About You? Check Out Google

"It's wrong to trust any entity that big with so much information"

After the discovery that Facebook had allowed user information to be shared and analyzed by a third party, but Facebook is not alone, Google is also another tech giant that collected user information, but what does Google collect?

NBC News sat down with technology information consultant Dylann Curran to understand how much information about a person is collected at Google. 

Curran told NBC News that he requested his data from Google and found that it was constantly tracking his location in the background, including calculating how long it took to travel between different points, along with his hobbies, interests, possible weight and income, data on his apps and records of files he had deleted.  

"It's wrong to trust any entity that big with so much information," he told NBC News. "They're just trying to make money," and at some point, "someone is going to make a mistake."

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