Facebook: 600,000 Compromised Logins a Day


Facebook released an infographic detailing its security measures, including reporting it receives 600,000 compromised logins a day and only 4 percent of its content is spam.

Of course, those numbers are relative -- 600,000 compromised logins means 0.06 percent of the social network's 1 billion logins, and Facebook's 4 percent of spam could mean millions of actions.

Facebook recently stirred up some controversy by enacting "Trusted Friends," or people users will give a secret code to unlock one's account if one forgets his or her password -- likening it to giving a friend a key to his or her house. This security measure is also part of the new security tactics and information mentioned in the infographic.

We found it interesting that Facebook didn't mention that it has cut spam or malware, likely because it hasn't. Its 750 million users can only be bringing more risk, spam and malware to the network. Instead, the social network compared itself to e-mail -- a truly different kind of animal -- stating that 89.1 percent of e-mail is spam versus 4 percent of Facebook interactions. That's hardly a decent comparison. Why can't we see it compared to Google+ or MySpace -- both of which are much smaller than Facebook, but is at least comparing Fujis with Granny Smiths.

It did state that only 0.5 percent of users experience spam daily  -- which sounds a lot less meaningful than 375,000 users deal with spam every day, doesn't it?

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