Facebook Hires Pieceable Team

After being slammed for not excelling at mobile, Facebook is getting help by hiring a team of developer that created mobile app Pieceable Viewer, according to reports.

Pieceable Viewer is a mobile service that allows iOS app developers to demonstrate their apps in a Web browser, according to IDG News Service. Facebook isn't acquiring the company or its technology, but the three people behind the service.

Pieceable will be ending the service at the end of the year so it can "focus on the new challenges and opportunities at Facebook," the team said on its company blog.

We know many of you have come to rely on the Pieceable service, and we want to make sure that you can continue to do so even after we shut down our hosted service on December 31, 2012. In a few months, we'll be releasing an open source version of Pieceable Viewer that you'll be able to run on your own Mac hardware - we'll have more details on that soon. 

Facebook needs to make inroads into mobile, a weak spot that was partly to blame for its falling stock price. This talent acquisition fits in nicely with the idea that Facebook may be trying to develop a Web-based platform that runs on both PCs and smartphones. We'll be waiting to see what they create.
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