Facebook is Like Cuddling

Ever wonder why you're so addicted to Facebook? It could be because you really like to cuddle.

According to All Facebook, scientists are studying how the Social Network affects the human nervous system, causing it to release the same chemical that is released when cuddling.

Engaging in Facebook activities seems to spike the brain with a hormone called oxytocin. The feeling causes a relaxing effect, similar to when a person is falling in love.

Oxytocin receptors are located in the amygdala part of the brain (the same place men who stare at goats use to bust clouds) Oxytocin helps relax and reduce conditions like blood pressure, and increases pain thresholds, while stimulating various types of positive social interaction. It's also the same hormone released during orgasm.

So don't get too upset next time your mate wants to check Facebook after sex, it's perfectly normal.

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