Zuckerberg: No IPO Yet for Facebook

Facebook isn't planning to go public, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, at least not yet.

AllFacebook.com is reporting that Zuckerberg's comments, made at the EG8 Forum in Paris, came just as the Q&A session began.

Zuckerberg also met with France's President Nicolas Sarkozy -- giving him two heads of state this year, after having dinner and then a news conference with President Obama at FB's headquarters.

Transparency and "real" communication are at the heart of Facebook, Zuckerberg said. Citing movies as an example, bad reviews can rarely outstrip a studio's advertising spend on Facebook.

“The trend of people being empowered to share things that they want is going to be the trend for the next five to ten years. We’re much closer to the beginning of that,” he said. “We’re just going to see more ways for people to keep sharing things.”

He also said he'd like Facebook to enable companies to share music and other entertainment, but that they won't build those technologies, internally.

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