Facebook Launches “Open Computing Project”

Facebook, as we all know, has a ton of data sent around every second. Now, your updates on romance, places, and photos will be sent faster, and more efficiently.

The company just launched what it calls "Open Compute Project." Onstage behind CEO Mark Zuckerberg is a giant server stack, said to zoom the company's data faster and more efficiently than before, much like Google's self-built servers do.

Facebook is talking about how its speed and data processing will be faster than the industry average.  This is an interesting tack from a company that normally updates consumer products.  Now, as Facebook matures -- Zuckerberg calls it a "startup, just a bigger one than we used to be" -- it's becoming more and more of a technology company.

It is, it admits, much bigger, but still insists it runs as a startup.  The server team?  Three people, they say.  Not bad for a company that really has gotten big.  With all the data that flows through it, things just might get faster the next time you update your profile.  You won't see why, but you might appreciate the increased speed.

Scott is at Facebook HQ.  You can find his updates on Twitter:  @scottbudman

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