Facebook Launches Timeline Movie Maker

Leave it to Facebook to make a new and reviled change into a movie.

Facebook has now released a new app called Timeline Movie Maker to make a short film out of all the information on your new Facebook profile. The app, created by Facebook and advertising agency Definition 6, doesn't tell you much about what's going to happen and seems to be a tease to test it out, all that's written aside from the title is a green button that says, "Make Your Movie."

When you do, Facebook asks for permissions including all your profile information  -- which means photos, stories, activities, locations  and more -- into a one-minute documentary of you. Right now the app is only offered in English, French, Spanish, and German, according to ZDNet. The movie itself takes a few minutes to create and you can choose between five soundtracks and then share with friends.

By the way, the app itself chooses (like Facebook) what it considers to be most important in a user's life based on content shared. 

This is obviously a way to get users to embrace the horrible, horrible Facebook Timeline and not leave in droves, but a one-minute movie may not be enough to change the tide of public opinion. Sure, Facebook thinks its users are narcissists and more information about themselves is kind of like a drug to soothe them -- but the social network is going to have to come up with many more reasons for people to stay and be soothed.
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