Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Shown as Big Brother

Next Media Animation enjoys a good controversy, so it decided to chronicle the latest changes to Facebook and its f8 announcements in an animated video.

Of course, the video casts founder and chief executive  Mark Zuckerberg as Big Brother and has Facebook putting up Orwellian posters saying, "Zuckerberg is Watching You" and "Sharing is Privacy."

This refers to Facebook's new of having its app developers request all access to user information as a condition for using a third-party apps or games. Facebook has also historically encouraged its users to use its default settings to make their information public. This has only grown in scope because now Facebook wants more information about users including music and video tastes (with Spotify and Netflix).

The video continues to a "The Matrix"-style ending where a now-enlightened user can choose to leave the social network for Google+.

Despite the many complaints and threats of leaving we see on Facebook, we don't think everyone will leave. Google+ has only been in existence a few months and only has about 25 million users. It takes time to build a social network -- Facebook has gradually grown to 700 million users in just under a decade.

Nonetheless, it's a decent video. 

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