Facebook Not Using Your Photos for Ads

On Facebook, a status update is being passed around saying that the site is going to start using photos of you and your friends in ads, in order to make people believe their friends have somehow endorsed a product or service.

The update in question states,

"On Friday, Facebook will start putting your photos in ads on the profile page of your contacts. It's legal and is mentioned in the fine print when you create your acount. TO STOP THIS go to: Account; Account Settings, then click on Facebook Ads tab at top of screen, choose "No one" on the drop-down menu and save changes. Copy this and use in a status update to alert your friends."

Don't believe it. All Facebook points out that in lines 7B and 7C of Facebook's advertising guidelines, advertisers cannot use user data (including photos) in their ads without prior consent either from Facebook or the user.

This rumor seems to be just that, like the one that circulated a while back about Facebook shutting down on March 15th.

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