Facebook Photo Helps Campbell Woman and Kidnapped Son Reunite

A family photo posted on Facebook helped a South Bay mother and son reunite after more than a decade apart.

Campbell resident Hope Holland said her son, Jonathan Holland, was kidnapped by his father 15 years earlier.

Jonathan was born in the South Bay but raised in Mexico by his father. He had no memory of his mother who has spent years searching for him.

Both Hope and Jonathan said they feared a reunion would never happen.

"First three years of his life he was only with me," Hope said. "I was completely absorbed for some time just looking for him."

Hope said Jonathan was 3-years-old when he was kidnapped by his father, who shared legal custody.

Last year, Jonathan posted a family picture as his Facebook profile photo, with hopes that maybe his mother or brother would see it and reach out.

When Hope came across the photo she said she was filled with joy.

After years of working with investigators and child services, it was a Facebook search and familiar picture that brought a family together again.

"I'm happy he wanted to know me," Hope said.

Jonathan has one year left in high school and will return to Mexico in the fall. He plans to come back to California after graduation. Jonathan was set to reunite with his older brother late Thursday.

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