Facebook Poaches Workers From Everyone

Facebook leads all Silicon Valley tech companies in poaching employees, a social recruiting company reported.

For every 15 people who left Google for Facebook, only one left Facebook for Google, according to Top Prospect, a social recruiting company. The company also produced a graphic illustrating the various exits and entrances of large Silicon Valley players such as LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo and Microsoft.

The graphic shows all companies seem to be losing its workers to Facebook, with Microsoft losing employees at a rate of 30.5 to one. Second to Facebook is LinkedIn which seems to be gaining workers from Microsoft, Google and Apple.

It seems to be a more intricate game of musical chairs, with workers trying to find a slightly better gig than the one they currently have. But seriously, how much better is it to work for Facebook than Google? We think it's because starry-eyed workers are hoping to get a piece of Facebook before it goes IPO.

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