Facebook Removes Real Kate Middletons

If your name is Kate Middleton, you might find yourself being liberated from your Facebook page.

Facebook recently pulled the plug on Kate Middleton's Facebook page. Not Kate Middleton the soon-to-be-princess, but Kate Middleton, the 32-year-old Boston bicycle enthusiast.

The Social Network thought she was an impostor and deleted her account. But Facebook isn't the only one who thinks she might be the famous Kate.  Various media reporters keep showing up at ATA Cycle, a bike shop where she works, in Concord, Mass, to ask her to speak in a British accent.

"I'm really not interested in pretending I'm British," said Middleton, who is originally from Louisville, Kentucky told the AP. "And I'm not really interested in pretending I'm the other Kate Middleton so I basically refused on all five requests to speak in a British accent."

The confusion began in January after Middleton was refused access to her account, finding it had been suspended on suspicion of being fake.

"Facebook disabled my account for using a fake name," she tweeted after the Facebook deletion. "Will the real Kate Middleton please stand up?"

There have been at least three other Kate Middletons to be booted from Facebook, but were later allowed back on after proving they were really Kate Middleton.

Boston Kate says she's used her new fame to draw attention to her participation in a July bike tour aimed to raise money for multiple sclerosis. If she raises at least $10,000, Middleton promised to ride a tandem bike in a wedding dress along with a "Prince William look-a-like."

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