Facebook Set to Let You Choose Your Own Stalker

Palo Alto company to give users more control of shared information

If Facebook has its way, Twitter may soon become the social networking site of choice for Internet stalkers.

The Palo Alto-based social networking site is taking aim, again, at the growing problem of online harassment of some of its 200 million-plus users by overhauling its complicated privacy controls.

Facebook said Wednesday it will give users more control over what photos, updates and personal details they share with their friends, family and strangers on Facebook and beyond.
The changes will be rolled out gradually over the next several weeks.
Chief Privacy officer Chris Kelly says the company isn't changing the information it shares with advertisers as part of the privacy overhaul, which has also recently been a sore spot with users.

The move comes 22 months after New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo settled a fraud investigation with Facebook after the company agreed to allow users to complain about "pornography, harassment or inappropriate contact."  Facebook did not comment on whether the new measures would end its role in ruining marriages.

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