Facebook Shows Off New HQ

Even for Facebook, this is a big event.

Press from all over the world is here in Menlo Park, as the company just announced its plan to move it's headquarters here.

Facebook itself says it's happy and honored to move into the area once occupied by Sun Microsystems.

Local leaders are happy too. They are praising Facebook, saying they look forward to having all those Facebookers in the area.

But back to the press. Many, undoubtedly looking for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who made all sorts of gossip blogs overnight because of a stalker of his own.

No Zuckerberg here, at least not yet. All in all, Palo Alto's loss is Menlo Park's gain. Facebook brings a big -- and growing -- workforce, with huge potential for this area now to become a huge tech ho tspot.

Look for local businesses to put out the welcome mat - as long as e traffic doesn't increase too much.

Either way, Menlo Park has a powerful new friend.

Scott is on Twitter: @scottbudman

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