Facebook Shuts Down Tsarneav Fan Pages

Several Facebook fan pages have appeared honoring Boston Marathon bomber suspect  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and social network has taken them down.

It's not unusual for criminal suspects to gain following and fame on Facebook, according to the Daily Dot.

Previous Facebook fan pages including several for Aurora, Colo. shooter James Holmes and former Los Angeles police officer Christopher who went on a killing spree.

A few pages were still found on Facebook, including one group with more than 6,000 members named "Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is Innocent" and another under his name that refers to the alleged crime as a government conspiracy with 140 Facebook friends.
Facebook told the Daily Dot that several fake accounts and pages "glorifying" Tsarnaev were taken down, but gave no detailed numbers. It also said that all Tsarnaev sites may not come up because Facebook search only shows pages "most relevant" to the viewer.
It's not surprising to find Facebook pages glorifying an alleged killer since we have seen it with recent publicized crimes. The social network also has pages that laud Adolf Hitler, groups that "love" serial killer Ted Bundy and the Charles Manson Fan Club. 
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