Facebook Starts Rolling Out Revamped ‘Timeline' Profiles

Attention people of New Zealand! You are officially small enough to qualify to get Facebook's new "Timeline" redesign ahead of everybody else in the world (who don't already have the beta). Yes, New Zealanders, Mark Zuckerberg and pals love you.

In quickly researching how to write this article, I learned one new thing and relearned another bit of trivia about New Zealand: 1) New Zealanders are also referred to as Kiwis (I love kiwis!) and 2) relearned that you guys are crazy insane.

That said, you now have Timeline, a new kind of Facebook profile that aims to tell your entire life story in one place — with an emphasis on large in-your-face photos. Think of it as place to share and relive your life as its collected into a digital scrapbook.

Apps are also a lot more social now thanks to Timeline. Now, everybody will know what you're listening to on Spotify, what you're reading online, etc.

I can't say I'm the biggest fan of Timeline, but like all social network changes, you either adapt to the changes or leave it altogether. I've been using Facebook on and off (mostly for sharing news stories and photos) for over five years. Every single new redesign has brought distraught users, but over time, we've all either accepted the new design or moved on. It'll be the same for Timeline.

Just be sure to watch your privacy settings. Almost every new redesign breaks some kind of privacy, publicizing things you previously set to private.

Facebook addicts outside of New Zealand should hopefully see Timeline roll out in other regions in the coming weeks. (I know, we've all heard that one before.)

Via The Facebook Blog

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