Facebook Sued for $1 Billion

Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg are the victims of a $1 billion lawsuit. A lawsuit, that they will most likely win.

TechCrunch reports Larry Klayman, a renowned activist, former Justice Department prosecutor, former U.S .Senate Candidate, and author, is taking the social network to court citing they failed to pull a an offensive page fast enough. The page in question was calling for a third intifada against Israel's Jewish population.

The page was removed March 29, for violating Facebook's terms of service which include a portion pertaining to "direct calls for violence." 

Valleywag says Klayman referenced the film "Social Network," which is mostly fictional, in his lawsuit.

"Apparently, the ethically compromised Zuckerberg has no conscience or sense of right or wrong, as depicted recently in the award winning film 'Social Network.'" he said.

Klayman has founded various controversial organizations, including the law firm Judicial Watch as well as political advocacy group Freedom Watch.

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