Facebook Takes Brazil From Google

Facebook has hit No. 1 in Brazil, edging out Google's social network Orkut for the top spot, according to reports.

comScore reported that Facebook grew 192 percent from December 2010 to December 2011, with users rising to 36 million. Orkut rose just 5 percent to 34 million users.

“Brazil has always been a particularly social market and currently owns the fifth largest social networking population in the world,"  said Alex Banks, comScore managing director for Brazil. "But despite the cultural affinity for social media, Facebook adoption had traditionally lagged in the market. That has all changed in the past year."

 What's odd is that Google's Orkut is considered something of a white elephant in the U.S., (only about 2 percent ever used it) but its approximate 100 million users thrived in both Brazil and India.

Part of the reason of Facebook's success could also be because of Alexandre Hohagen, Google's former top executive in South America based in Brazil. He was poached by Facebook early last year. Apparently having Hohagen on board seemed to have helped.
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