Facebook to Open Temp Vancouver, B.C. Office

Facebook will hire 150 programmers for a temporary office in Vancouver, B.C. while they wait to get permits to work in the United States.  

The new hires will be recent engineering graduates and will partake in Facebook's "boot camp" to get full-time work in places such as Seattle or Menlo Park, according to the Vancouver Sun. Not surprisingly, the temporary office will exist for 12 months -- coincidentally the same amount of time needed to get a work visa. The workers will be recruited from within Canada and abroad, according to the report.

We wrote last week about tech companies wanting a streamlined process for highly-skilled immigrants to work in the country, and one of the prominent proponents was none other than Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg.

Is Zuckerberg making a point about the current American immigration laws and how he and Facebook are willing to skirt the law for up to a year to get highly-skilled foreign workers? Perhaps, but the idea that it is using the Vancouver office as a "boot camp" means that it's culling the herd of foreign workers to find only the best to move to its U.S offices. Essentially, this temporary office will be a huge den of interns learning Facebook's ways and policies.

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