San Jose

Facebook to Partner Up With SamTrans to Ease Bay Area Traffic

The San Mateo County Transit District, SamTrans, is working with Facebook to ease the increased traffic in the tech-driven Bay Area.

The agency and social media giant plan on adding bus and pedestrian options to the Dumbarton Bridge, one source of traffic in Menlo Park.

Though traffic has been a constant issue in the Bay Area, it has significantly grown in the last months due to a growing tech industry.

"I’m a reverse commute out of San Jose, but I hit traffic," said Mitchell. "My commute has gone up just in four months of being here."

SamTrans also plans on re-building the Dumbarton Rail Bridge, originally built in 1910, which would act as a shuttle from Newark to Menlo Park.

The task would likely cost about $1 billion, but with the help of Facebook, it’s a big step toward making it happen.

"If this process does result in funding being secured, that speeds things up quite a bit, and if we see that, we might see this getting built in the near future," said Dan Lieberman from SamTrans.

Though Facebook’s partnership would speed things up, there is no timeline as to when this would happen.

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