Facebook To Unveil News Feed Update

Get ready for mass reaction

Facebook, fresh off rolling out its new Graph Search, has another update to share with its billion plus followers: An updated News Feed.

The Menlo Park social network sent out invitations Friday morning, inviting journalists to its headquarters to cover its News Feed update on March 7. No further details were given, leaving the tech press to speculate, Apple-style, as to what Mark Zuckerberg and company are planning.

A guess? Maybe a little more "News" in the Feed. Facebook has been eclipsed by Twitter, and, to a lesser extent, Yahoo! and Google, when it comes to being a source of news. Most people, it seems, turn to Twitter to get the latest information, whether on a Middle East uprising, or results from the Oscars.

Facebook would love it if, in addition to updates about your nephews and food choices, it was a go-to source for news and information. Maybe the update will provide some sort of a filter to let you break through the clutter and catch up on the day's events.

I'll be there, and will send out updates, both on Facebook (do you ever check news there?), and Twitter. My handle is @scottbudman.

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