Facebook Users Warned of Authentication Scam

Internet security firm Sophos is warning Facebook users about a new scam that asks for account verification.

Some users of the Menlo Park-based social-networking site reported being prompted with a message that read:

Warning : Announcement from Facebook Verification Team: All Profiles must be verified before 15th June 2012 to avoid Scams under SOPA and PIPA Act. The unverified accounts will be terminated. Verify your Account by steps below.

In fact Facebook is not requiring its more than 900 million users to verify their accounts by Friday, according to Sophos.

"Ask yourself, why would Facebook encourage you to share the advisory with your Facebook friends?" Graham Cluley of Sophos wrote on a blog post. "Surely it's within their power to send a message like this to all Facebook users without having to ask for your help!

"And if you click on the "Verify my Account now" link you are asked to approve a third-party app which will then have unfettered access to your Facebook profile, and be able to post messages in your name on your behalf."

Sophos says those who have fallen for the scam should delete any posts from their timeline and then go to their account settings and revoke account access for the application.

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