Facebook: What We Talked About During The Olympics

We got very, very social

It's not just TV ratings and Twitter followings that grow during the Olympic Games.  If you're on Facebook, and could somehow link your page or brand to the big event, you likely saw a huge jump in traffic.

Facebook just released what it's calling the "People Talking About This" (PTAT) index. The numbers are impressive:

NBC (disclosure: my boss, and the owner of this website) saw a PTAT jump of 402 percent during the games.  Yes, we posted a lot about the Olympics, and that turned out to be a good plan.

It was also a good plan for corporations. P&G scored a Facebook spike with its "Thank You, Mom" campaign. Its PTAT soared by 3,215 percent.  Citi's campaign was good for a 670 percent jump. The overall Olympics Games' Page saw a Usain Bolt-like sprint of 806 percent higher than usual.

That's a lot of photos, posts, and pitches. And a lot of eyeballs checking things out, socially.

Scott is on Facebook and Twitter: @scottbudman

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