Facebook: You Can Log in Privately

"Anonymous Login" is newest feature

You can now network anonymously.

Facebook, at its f8 Developer Conference, addressed longtime privacy concerns by rolling out what it calls "Anonymous Login," a way to log into your Facebook apps without having to share any of your private information.

The company's developer conference, kicked off in San Francisco with a Mark Zuckerberg keynote speech, is highlighted by this new privacy feature. Facebook, in a note to the press, admits that "people tell us they're worried about sharing information with apps ... and want more control over what personal information apps receive." 

The Anonymous Login feature will let people log into their apps without the apps sharing personal information from Facebook. You'll also be able to log in without passwords or usernames. The standard facebook privacy Features will still be in place, but this might mollify the casual FB user who is concerned about all those checkins.

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