Facebook's Founder Is Unblockable

You've got a friend on Facebook -- whether you want him or not.

Web-watchers were started to discover recently that it is impossible to block Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Even if you want to prevent him from seeing your profile, you can't. Attempting to block him will result in a "block failed" message.

It sure is weird, but does it matter? "Does anybody thing that Mark Zuckerberg is spending his time going around harassing users on the site? Has anybody, until now, attempted to block him?" asked Allfacebook's Nick O'Neill.

Now that they've discovered that it's impossible, Facebook users want to block Zuckerberg more than ever. A website has sprung up to protests the strange situation, advising users to at least disable the new "Facebook Places" feature, which allows users to pinpoint each others' positions, broadcasting their friends' current physical locations to the world.

The founder of BlockZuck.com claims that it didn't used to be this way, and that Zuckerberg was blockable until recently.

"Until very recently, it *was* possible to block him; after I put up the original version of the site, I discovered that he couldn't be blocked anymore. Which is much more interesting than my original lame idea, so I updated the site to reflect that," he told Valleywag.

It's not clear whether the error message is a bug or an easter egg. Facebook has a history for placing hidden features where you least expect them -- for example, entering the Contra Code causes lens flares to appear on the page.

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