Facebook's “Like” Button Has First Anniversary

Was it only a year ago that anyone could "Like" a comment or post on Facebook? Apparently so, as Facebook celebrates the "Like" button's first anniversary.

Who couldn't fail to love the cheesy, blue cartoon thumb's up, or the delight that feels a writer as 54 others like your post or status update?

Then came the "Like" for pretty much anything you find on the web and apparently sites inhaled the new "Like" button, too -- 50,000 sites installed it in the first week of its existence, according to Mashable.

Despite the "Like" there has been another lobby on Facebook for a "Dislike" button, but it's probably not going to happen because it may alienate advertisers (imagine a whole bunch of people saying they dislike Cheetos or Coke -- advertisers won't be sticking around.)

Either way, the "Like" has now become a staple of our new digital communication.

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