Fajitagate Indictee New SF Police Chief

30 year veteran of the force now police chief in San Francisco.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has appointed Capt. Greg Suhr as his city's newest police chief.  The position has been open ever since former Mayor Gavin Newsom appointed then police chief George Gascon to the position of district attorney.

Suhr was sworn in Wednesday morning, just hours after the announcement.

You may recognize Suhr's name or his photo from a story that goes back eight years. Suhr was one of the members of the police command staff who was indicted for allegedly conspiring to obstruct an investigation into a fight involving off-duty officers who allegedly beat up a guy who wouldn't hand over his Mexican take out.  The police chief was also indicted at the time. All charges were eventually dropped.

Suhr stayed with the department and although he saw a demotion or two along the way, he stuck with the job and now he is chief.

When asked about the Suhr's baggage, Lee told the Chronicle it had all been vetted. "Greg Suhr's history is an open book. Like all of us, he's made some decisions that he would have made differently in hindsight, but he's recovered from them and done really well," Lee told the paper.

Lee's choice is expected to be applauded by the rank and file.

Suhr's job clearly won't be easy. He faces budget cuts and possible layoffs and a police union that appears to be ready for a fight. 

There is also a new controversy brewing among some of the men now under his command who are accused of conducting improper searches on drug suspects.

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