Fake Letters Aim to Convince San Jose Marijuana Clubs to Close

Fake instructions to close accompany city demands to shutter.

Letters are being sent to certain San Jose medical marijuana dispensaries, instructing those businesses to shut down or face consequences.

And not all of the letters are real.

As many as 14 medical marijuana dispensaries in Northern California's largest city have received the fake letters that appear to be from city code enforcement officers, according to local radio reports.

The letters are causing confusion in a city that has responded to the medical marijuana question by declaring most dispensaries illegal, according to reports.

Since there is no law expressly permitting or allowing dispensaries, they have been declared outlawed.

That means that while no dispensary is expressly allowed, only dispensaries near residences have been targeted for closure.

However, the City Council will consider in March new, stricter rules that would allow dispensaries in very limited portions of town.

In the meantime, some dispensaries have received real letters informing them that it's time to shut down by the end of the week.

The fake letters are possibly sent by a disgruntled dispensary operator angry about having to close, and are being sent to landlords in an attempt to start eviction proceedings.

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