Fall Out Boy, Dead Weather… and Thelonious Monk?

MySpace gets all jazzy on us

It's the site that broke Fall Out Boy and Panic at The Disco. The site where you can catch the very first Dead Weather song, the new Regina Spektor demo, and the return of Depeche Mode. The coolest music site in the universe, if you ask the kids... is now trying to lure their grandparents.

MySpace has music cred.  Lots of it.  If you're a band trying to get heard for the first time, or ride the wave of your demo EP, MySpace has been the place to be for new, bleeding edge music. But, apparently that's not enough. Charlie Parker, anyone?

In a world where even web moguls are realizing that surfers of a certain age just flat-out have more money to spend than their younger counterparts, it makes sense that Miles Davis now has his own MySpace page. I love Miles, and why should Tila Tequila get all the attention, anyway? Sure, I'll give you a pages for Billie Holiday, Neil Young, and Clarence Carter along with The Strokes.  They all share space on my iPod, anyway.

But "MySpace Presents Lionel Richie?" Wow, these guys are serious about getting smooth.

Not a day goes by when someone my age tells me about how they've re-discovered friends from high school or college on Facebook, or has found a way to communicate better via Twitter. So, why not check out your favorite music on MySpace? It's all there now; even our parents can groove to Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor... and, did I mention Lionel Richie?

It's yet another way to prove that you can always get what you want online. Even if your kids roll their eyes when they hear it.

Yes, Scott Budman has Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Clarence Carter and The Strokes on his iPod.

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