Families Say They Are Being Forced Out of Hayward Apartments

Working families are getting pushed out so that new renters can move in.

That's what several families in Hayward say is happening to them.

About a dozen families tell NBC Bay Area they are being forced out of the Vivante Apartment Homes. Families say they have to vacate their apartments by Sunday.

One of the residents, Manny, was given a five-day notice to move out. He is one of a dozen renters who said they were offered a deal by FPI Management, the previous company that managed the complex.

The tenants presented documents that show FPI management renovated the apartments and offered the tenants several options, including a rent discount on the renovated units after signing a new lease.

"They gave us a concession, but that concession was not honored when the new management came in," Manny said.

Tenants said the new property manager sent letters to them claiming they owed money to the new owners because residents had all underpaid their rent. The tenants said they were told to leave by the end of the week or the property manager would report the late payments to credit agencies.

A Vivane Apartments Homes employee on Thursday did not provide a comment to NBC Bay Area

"That is not morally reprehensible, but it's also illegal," Hayward City Councilmember Mark Salinas said.

Salinas said he has seen property owners use this tactic before in an effort to make room for new tenants willing to pay higher rents.

"What these families need right now is, they need legal assistance. They need housing assistance. And they also need to know what their rights are," Salinas said.

The councilman has spoke to the city attorney about the situation. Salinas said the city will have a legal strategy in place to prevent any more families from facing eviction.

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