Jennifer Gonzalex-Arias

Family Dog Miraculously Survives Atlas Peak Fire

A family’s beloved eight-year-old Labrador managed to survive the flames and ashes when the Napa County wildfire first broke out last week.

The Harbert family says they evacuated the area where the flames blazed during the fire, but were eventually trapped from escaping, forcing them up a hill. To their luck, a CHP chopper was willing to take them to safety, but not their dog.

“He was looking at us and you can imagine he was thinking why are you leaving?” said Dan Harbert. “It was emotional so she was hysterically crying. I had my 97-year-old mother in my arms.”

The family left Drake in their truck with a window cracked, hoping their dog would survive.

According to the family, once they arrived at the command post, they began asking for help from anyone around them. To their luck, after spending 11 hours in the Atlas Peak fire, Drake returned safely.

“You know our pets rely on us, they trust us and that is such a precious thing and to have his life be saved and our lives, mean’s more than a building,” said Dan Harbert.

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