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Family of Couple Killed in Napa Wildfire Sues PG&E

The families of two Atlas Fire victims are suing PG&E, claiming the utility company’s failures led to their loved ones deaths.

Ed Stone and George Chaney died in the October fire after getting trapped in their Napa home. The men’s family says they want to make sure steps are taken to prevent future disasters.

The couple lived together for decades and died together in the fire.

"They had a great, long life together and loved this place," niece Paula Chaney said. "It was very special, very calm, a great place to retire."

But the family said the men should have had many more years together in their wine country dream home.

Paula said firefighters discovered the men in the shower holding each other.

Chaney said her uncle George was the head of her family, and losing him and Stone has been devastating.

"It’s one of those milestones in life you’re not ready for, ever," she said. "Certainly not ready for the way we were dealt that blow."

The family has filed wrongful death lawsuits against PG&E. Their lawyer believes investigators will find sparks from PG&E power lines are responsible for the fire.

"PG&E had a lot of ways to prevent this, and they should have prevented it and should be held accountable," attorney Mary Alexander said.

Stone and Chaney’s loved ones say nothing can bring the men back. They just hope to help protect others.

"We just don’t want others to go through this again," Paula said.

PG&E said Thursday the cause of the fire is still under investigation. The utility calls the loss of life heartbreaking and insists the safety of their customers is their most important job.

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