San Francisco

Family of Man Shot by SFPD Officers Lashes Out

The family of a man shot by San Francisco police officers spoke out Thursday night during a town hall, saying police did not have to fire their weapons.

But, at the same time, family supporters shouted down suggestions that officers should have stun guns. The mother of 43-year-old Sean Moore topld acting police Chief Toney Chaplin officers didn't have to shoot her son.

"He's not a criminal; he's a person with a mental condition," said Cleo Moore. "I don't think he deserved to be shot."

Sean Moore's family says he is bipolar and schizophrenic but insist he is not violent.

"I know my brother wouldn't attack police," said Ken Blackmon. "I know my brother; I know police would be agitating to him."

Police said Moore was indeed agitated when two officers showed up at his home on Capitol Avenue on Jan. 6, responding to a call from a neighbor saying Moore was banging on a wall in violation of a restraining order.

Police said body camera video shows officers repeatedly trying to talk to Moore. But they said Moore kicked one officer in the face.

The officer's partner deployed pepper spray, and moments later, another officer shot Moore twice while trying to arrest him.

"One officer struck him with a baton," Officer Greg McEachern said. Mr. Moore punched the officer in the face. Mr. Moore advanced, and a second officer fired his weapon as he fell down the stairs."

A neighbor who says Moore has a history of causing disturbances says San Francisco needs more mental health services. And officers need stun guns.

Police said they aren't releasing the body camera video because it's part of an active investigation.

Moore remains in the hospital recovering from his injuries. He is facing felony charges for assualting officers.

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