Family of SJ Man Found Beaten, Unconscious Pleads for Public's Help

The family of a man found beaten and unconscious on a San Jose sidewalk are pleading for the public's help.

Police have no suspects, evidence or useful surveillance video in the investigation that has now gone on for seven months.

"It's been sheer hell for the family and certainly for my son," said Peggy Cathcart, the victim's mother. She provided photos of her son, but did not want his name to be used fearing for his safety.

Cathcart said her 36-year-old son had just finished watching the San Francisco 49ers-Chicago Bears football game in mid-September when he left to walk to the store and grab snacks. Her son would not return home that night.

"It's not unusual he would want to walk, but it was just taking an inordinate amount of time," Cathcart said.

Police said the victim was found beaten and unconscious the next morning outside of his apartment complex. He suffered brain damage, lost vision in his left eye and can't remember what happened that night.

Cathcart's son is currently learning how to walk again.

"It's very hard for my son, who's entombed in a body that's foreign to him and he knows he's not the same person and it's very depressing and it's hard," Cathcart said.

San Jose Police Officer Albert Morales said detectives have hit a wall.

"There was no evidence. No information. There was no witnesses. Nobody has come forward," Morales said.

The victim's cell phone was stolen during the attack and detectives have not been able to locate it. Detectives said whoever has the phone has not turned it on.

"We're assuming somebody knows some information, or the suspects have maybe bragged about what they did," Morales said. "Again, we're just hoping for any little shred of information."

Cathcart said her son used to mentor troubled teens in the South Bay. The victim is married and has a son and daughter.

Cathcart said she wants whoever did this to come forward so her son can start re-building his life.

"We're quite desperate," she said. "It's been seven months to know if this person is still living in the area where my son is."

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