Family Pleads for Return of Senior Dog Stolen from Richmond Home

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An East Bay family has a tearful plea to bring their dog back after they said he was stolen out of their side yard.

Jazmine Zaragoza said their 18-year-old dog named “Fluffy” was stolen right out of the side yard on Nov. 8 near Kennedy High School in Richmond.

The incident was caught on camera. The video showed Fluffy getting out of the side gate and when he comes back in, a woman was following him.

“He did push the gate open and he will run out a little bit, but he’ll come back,” Zaragoza said.

Zaragoza told NBC Bay Area Thursday the incident recorded from her ring camera shows the woman trying to pick up the dog, who runs away. Minutes later, the woman grabs Fluffy and walks away.

Fluffy the family dog hasn’t been seen since.

“He managed to go into his kennel and then she went into the kennel and it took a while for her to get him and then she quickly ran out,” Zaragoza said.

Zaragoza added that Fluffy is old, has multiple ailments and needs his medications.

The family said that they expect he’s on his last legs and want him home with his family.

"Honestly, we were thinking this was going to be his last year,” she said.

The family doesn’t know who the woman is. They filed a police report and have checked in with multiple shelters, animal hospitals too just in case but heard nothing so far.

The family is pleading for his return as they said he doesn’t have any street value but means the world to them.

“He’s only had one family. We want him back. He’s just a cool family dog and we want him back," Zaragoza said.

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