Family Protests Parole of Woman Who Killed Her Three Children in Daly City

Relatives of three young children killed by their mother 20 years ago in Daly City asked Governor Jerry Brown to reject a parole board’s recommendation to release the mother.

Megan Hogg was convicted of murdering her three kids — Antoinette, 7, Angelique, 3, and Alexandra, 2 — and sentenced to 25 years to life and now, the family and investigators are working together to oppose her release.

The children were murdered in their Daly City home by their mother in 1998 and the girls' aunt along with other extended family members recall the painful chapter now that the State Board of Parole hearings is recommending her for parole.

"I'm fearful for her to come and say she starts a family I don't think she learned from it," said Karla Douglas.

The San Mateo County District Attorney’s office agrees, saying Hogg shows no remorse for suffocating her three girls. Additionally, they say she has not been a good prison inmate, saying she has a record of dealing drugs in prison and was found to be at moderate risk to re-offend.

The family, DA and police continue to send letters to Gov. Brown asking him to reverse the decision and they urge others to do the same.

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