Stephen Ellison

Famous Christmas Display in Livermore Reopens After Storm Damage

Deacon Dave's light display canceled opening ceremony after large tree fell Saturday

A longtime East Bay Christmas tradition is back on track after taking a hit from Mother Nature.

The annual lighting of Deacon Dave’s Christmas light display in Livermore had to be canceled Saturday because of the fierce storm conditions.

Thousands of the display’s lights were destroyed when a giant tree fell during the storm. But the popular spot was back in business Monday night.

"It was such a roar, and the whole house shook. I thought it was an earthquake," said Deacon Dave, describing what happened Saturday night at the site of his famous Livermore Christmas Light Display.

A giant ash tree decorated with thousands of blue Christmas lights came crashing down in the wind.

"I looked up and saw the beautiful tree, gigantic tree planted in 1956 by my grandma, laying in the roof," Deacon Dave said.

About 35,000 blue lights were in the tree that came crashing down. Thousands of dollars in lights were lost. Luckily, Deacon Dave had canceled the opening ceremonies before the storm hit Saturday night.

"I just thank God there weren’t people here that could be injured," he said.

The Deacon has been saying lots of prayers of gratitude in his backyard chapel. He finally lit up his Poinsettia Village-themed display Monday night.

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