Fan Floats Above McCovey Cove on JetPack

As we've noted, Wednesday night in San Francisco was special. That's primarily thanks to Matt Cain's dominance in dealing up the first perfect game in Giants franchise history. 

If you're a superstitious person and looking for a little piece of good luck relating to Cain's gem, allow us to direct you to McCovey Cove Jet Pack Guy. This brazen fella decided to rent a jet pack and fly into McCovey Cove, hovering above AT&T Park during the first inning of Cain's perfect game.

The beauty of that video isn't just the bizarre nature of Jet Pack Guy cruising around this large body of water on a nationally-televised baseball game. It's also that Jon Miller somehow had to talk about this and, like Jon Miller do, somehow made it more enjoyable.

The Giants, of course, never looked back. They put up 10 runs on the scoreboard and Cain dealt like champion all night. Because we love them, here's Jet Pack Guy in GIF form.

I tend to think he looks kind of like PGA golfer Dustin Johnson (who was in town, but busy throwing out the first pitch of the game), but whoever it is, the Giants need to make sure they get this Bond-ian beast back out to the ballpark the next time Cain starts.

Or just park him outside Tim Lincecum's house.

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