Fans Don't Help Steph Curry Who Dives Into Crowd, Gets Welt on Elbow

No one bothered to help or stop Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry, who dove into the crowd at Oracle Arena Wednesday night to grab a loose ball.

The baby faced assassin got a welt the size of a tennis ball on his elbow – a fact that Twitter Moments memorialized in a series of pictures and videos.

At a news conference after the game,Curry said he was "fine."

But the bigger tragedy was that none of the fans sitting courtside tried to break his fall.

One unidentified man in particular, wearing a yellow "Strength in Numbers" shirt with what looks like to be an expensive camera, even took a photo of the fall, without bothering to ask if Curry was OK. While there were many folks snapping pics, this man was caught on national TV and ridiculed by sports commentators for the rest of the game.

San Francisco native-turned-Manhattan dentist Barzin Farrokh tweeted that a "real Warriors fan catches Steph Curry at all costs."

That was the similar reaction from a visibly angry Warriors’ General Manager. "If it happens again, catch the man,” Bob Myers told

Myers didn’t stop there: “Disappointing is the right characterization of it. I’d expect more from our fans. I’d hope if our fans have an opportunity to catch him, that they would. But I can’t sit here and judge because I didn’t see the replay. I don’t know what happened.

“But sacrifice your body for Steph. If you want to come to the game and he’s flying into the stands, catch him. That’s my message to the fan base.”

Despite the welt, the Warriors beat the Oklahoma City Thunder  in Game 2 of the NBA Conference Finals 118-91.

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