Sacrifice and Smiles in the Face of a Deadly Disease: Father Helps Boy Battle Leukemia

 SAN FRANCISCO - A young boy is brightening up the staff at the UCSF-Mission Bay Hospital by simply being a patient there.

“Are you ready?” he asked us as we sat down to interview him on camera.

“Caden Hommer is here!” he shouted once the lights came on.

Caden Hommer is 6-years-old, has autism, and is battling leukemia. He’s spent more time in San Francisco since he was diagnosed in October, than his home in Lake County more than 100 miles away.

"We've been here every other week,” Caden’s father Casey Hommer said.

Casey has to stay with Caden every day. His other 5-year-old son is staying with family.

Back home, the community is rallying around Caden. His school bus driver Tamara Cyr is raising money for medical bills and traveling costs. She started a GoFundMe page, and is hoping others will chip in.

“I just want to ease the burden off the father…and with Caden he’s well worth the effort to pour money into their lives and help them,” Cyr said.

Doctors say Caden's prognosis is a good one, but he’ll still need a few more chemotherapy treatments. Caden’s Pediatric Oncologist says the staff is happy to have him around.

“A bright light to hang out with. When you're spending the whole day in the hospital it's great to see Caden because you know you're going to have a great time,” said Dr. Clay Gustafson.

After a few minutes with Caden, he couldn’t take his hands off the camera. So naturally when we left, he said he wants to be a camera man when he grows up.

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