Father of Two Suffers from Brain Injury After Rideshare Mishap in San Francisco

A Bay Area father of two is suffering from a traumatic brain injury after being punched and knocked to the pavement after a rideshare mix up in San Francisco.

"Will I ever be able to leave my husband alone with the kids again? I don't know," said Rebecca Mathews. "Will I ever be able to let him drive without worrying? I don't know."

Mathews is facing uncertainty after her husband Chris Mathews was punched in the face after approaching a vehicle he thought was their Lyft driver.

NBC Bay Area

Video released by police shows Sep. 8 attack. A white four-door sedan approaches the intersection of 1st and Howard in San Francisco. Mathews thinks it’s their Lyft so he walks over and talks to someone inside and suddenly, the passenger opens the door and hits the 39-year-old, knocking him down.

"There was a lot of blood coming out of the back of his head and the side of his ears and nose," said Rebecca.

Nearly three weeks later, the San Jose State University graduate is just beginning to remember details of his life.

"He finally is starting to recognize me and recognize he has kids," said Rebecca.

San Francisco Police Department

Police are asking for help finding the suspect. They released a sketch of the man as he is about to throw the punch and a closer view of the white car with a black roof.

"It's scary I do hope we find him because I don't want him to harm anyone else but it's not going to help with recovery of my husband and what he has to go through," Rebecca said.

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